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Trend alert. Red & purple

We are in 2017, my friends, and fashion has abolished all the rules. If red & purple or pink combination was a huge “faux pas” for a stylish woman before, we are now officially exempted from this rule. Well, let’s raise a glass (or two) because this a good reason to celebrate! For those of you who are not that daring, you better revise your position, as you will be seeing this trend so much (if not already) that you will jump on the train sooner or later. And we all know, that “sooner” is always better, as trends have a very annoying feature nowadays to immediately become saturated. So it is always a good idea to adopt a trend before it invades the streets, the shops and the social media feeds.

Now let us go back to the outfit. I know I always say that less is more, but, well, times change. And if normally, I wouldn’t really accessorize a bold colored outfit, I found it absolutely necessary this time. I found that the look would have been incomplete and the story would have had no spice if I didn’t put the vintage earrings, the pearl bracelet, and the gorgeous brooch. I would even have preferred to have the same bracelet on the second hand too, but what can I do, if my friend Iuliana only gave me one for my birthday(!)? Now, joking apart, this is a very good option for a dressy night out or a fancy dinner if you are a simple cuts adept, but still want to catch the spotlight.

red & purple red & purple

Outfit details: Zara purple pants, Zara clutch, old blouse, Uterque pearl bracelet, vintage earrings, Iulia Albu brooch

flower print outfit

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