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Gift wishlists: practical or tacky?

I spent this morning preparing a long, elaborated Christmas wishlist to be presented to my boyfriend these busy pre-Christmas days. And because I come from a not very pragmatic culture, doubting thoughts immediately start traveling around my mind and questioning the grace of such intentions. Is it practical to ask people for specific gifts, or is it just tacky?

Well, it depends on who you are giving this list to. I am lucky to have friends that can be asked for specific items, and I myself am very receptive in this situation. I also like the fever of thinking of a right gift for somebody and I always do my best to find something he/she would appreciate. But I don’t mind to be directly asked for something either. Because, after all, all I aim for when I am offering a present is to make the person in front of me happy.

Isn’t it the thought what counts?

Of course it is. But if the thought is what counts, it would also count with the wishlist in the equation. Wishlists usually contain things that we have seen, liked, but never got to buy them for ourselves. So, assuming someone is well-intended and really wants to give you something you would appreciate, why not share with her what you really want. If you are happy about your gift, she will be happy.

I bet you too received a gift you didn’t like or use at least once. Well, I think we all should prevent waste in any aspect of our lives, and wishlists are very useful tools to start towards this mission. We shouldn’t buy things that we don’t need, this is irresponsible. Nor should we get them.

But where is the surprize element?

This is what anyone who hasn’t ever been in a relationship for more than- let’s say,a year-claims. Well, my friend, unless you live with a CIA agent, there is no surprize after eight years of relationship. Now, all eyes on me, because I live in boredom and monotony! And what is worse, I probably only got here due to his nibs- the habit. No, my friends, things are a little different (and I will maybe tell you what surprize in a relationship means to me). When you live and breath together, even if you don’t literally know something about the person near you, you intuitively feel it. And no, I am not saying that I know exactly what gift I would have gotten, but I definitely know that it would have followed some of our previous discussions, exhibited the dreams I shared, it would have aligned with the things I normally choose myself. So I don’t do anything wrong by giving him this wishlist that he would have used anyway. But why not save his time and help him have all his thoughts gathered on one single piece of paper. And then, doesn’t it count as surprize that I won’t know what exactly he buys from the list (maybe he wants to buy two items? 🙂 ).

Practical, time-saving, and preventing waste

Finally, I know, beyond any doubt, that this piece of paper will be valuable for him. Because I know the scenario. Every single year, poor him, doesn’t only have to think of a gift for himself, but he is being called by every single member of our families, who claim that he must have heard about something that I like and I would be happy to receive. So, in the end we can say, that I am making him a favor first, and only after do I make one to myself 🙂 .

So is it tacky to have wishlists? Maybe. But I am more on the practical side and I think wishlists save time, money, and prevent waste. Now tell me what you think of it. Do you make wishlists or do you wait to be surprised.

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